Why Us?

Passionate Client Focus

  • Clients come to us looking for an advisor who will place their interests first in every decision made and action taken. They remain with us because we demonstrate that commitment every day.
  • We believe that aligning our interests with yours in a manner that emphasizes integrity and full objectivity. This is why our clients and colleagues refer to us as “pure” wealth advisors.
  • We help our clients make better financial decisions, and we thrive when asked to solve for the complexities of our clients’ financial lives.

We Break Away from Outdated Business Practices

  • We have an independent business model that offers no proprietary products or sales incentives.
  • We provide transparent performance measurement—net of any fees—so you can accurately track progress over time toward your long-term financial goals.
  • We believe clients deserve personalized recommendations, not “one size fits all” recommendations.
  • We ensure clients not only experience the “what we recommend”, but also provide the education and transparency behind “why we recommend”.
  • We are Fiduciaries. In the financial services industry, a person or business that assumes a fiduciary duty is obligated to put clients’ interests first when making investment recommendations. This is a differentiating feature of our Firm. Not everyone providing financial advice assumes fiduciary duties or the standards of care and loyalty that accompany that responsibility.

We Understand Your Expectations as a Client

  • We understand that success doesn’t happen by chance. Even after success is achieved, you must continue to devote time and energy to remain successful.  This is true in all areas of life, including finances.
  • Therefore, we believe in Rowing, not Drifting.
  • Trust is built by doing the right thing consistently.  We will earn your trust.


Some do what is easy, and some do what is right.  You know the difference, and so does our team.  Let us show you!