Our Process

1. Introductory Meeting

In our first meeting, we listen to understand. We want to know your goals and your priorities. What was it that brought you to us? What have your past investment experiences been like? What would you like to accomplish from here? You are interviewing us to find out if we are a fit to you, and we will make sure we understand what your expectations are for us.

2. Assessment & Preliminary Planning

After we have uncovered what matters most to you, we will take a deeper dive into your situation. We will start creating a preliminary plan and look for potential solutions to the complexities of your financial life. We will explore your risk tolerance, your liquidity needs, and your investment preferences. Finally, we will discuss exactly how we can provide ongoing value to you and your family.

3. Detailed Planning

As we agree to work together, we create a holistic plan on how to create the best outcomes around your goals. We will look carefully at potential risks, obstacles, and various “what if’ scenarios and the steps needed to achieve success. We will present to you the investments we recommend and why we are recommending them. Your plan will also aim to gain maximum returns via a low cost, solid, tax-efficient portfolio.

4. Tracking Progress and Ongoing Advice

We will meet regularly to monitor progress towards your goals and re-evaluate opportunities and risks. We will provide transparent performance reporting to see our progress, and world class research and real time planning to optimize for the future.

As changes occur in your life, your goals will grow and evolve, and we will be there to establish new approaches to make sure your wealth management adapts with you.