Our Mission Statement

Castle Rock Private Wealth oversees the financial affairs for a select group of families and small businesses in Colorado and throughout the United States. Our focus is using strategic thought, financial analysis, and world class money management to manage investment risks and tax inefficiencies.

Simply put, we do 3 key things for our clients, and we expect only one thing in return.

  1. We simplify their financial lives.
  2. We help our clients build wealth towards retirement, and then retire with a strategy to create an income stream to meet their needs.
  3. We help them plan and build a legacy for the ones they love and the things they care about.

In exchange, we expect them to think of our team as their primary Wealth Advisory team and contact us first whenever they have a major financial decision in their lives.

Specifically, we strive to meet our clients’ goal of having the money they need when they need it.